Behind the Gun Book Launch

In Behind the Gun, a top rated memoir available on Amazon, you’ll hear the truth about our involvement in Somalia from day 1 to October 3rd and 4th, The Battle of Mogadishu, commonly referred to as “Black Hawk Down”. You’ll get a firsthand account in a way you never knew you wanted it, from Behind […]

The Winter Soldiers

  After graduating high school in Wilkes County, NC and starting college on a football scholarship at Elon College, I transferred to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with the intention of playing football, after meeting with their coaching staff. That would not happen. I Instead enlisted in the US Army as The Gulf War […]

Signed Pre-release copies

Behind the gun is giving away 200 signed pre-release copies of the upcoming book for every donation of $30 or more to Infidel Inc.  You can click the link or send via PayPal to with the word “book” in the comments. So far the book has raised nearly $2000 for needy veterans. Visit Infidel […]

A Miraculous Reunion

“You picked a helluva place to lay down.” were the first words Poncho recalls hearing from Ed Ricord as he lay bleeding profusely from the neck on a Mogadishu street on the 25th of September in 1993. Poncho recalls thinking how strange it was that Ed was so calm and with a sense of humor […]

Blood on the Altar: Poncho’s Last Walk

An expanded excerpt from the full chapter. Setting: the early morning hours of September 25th, 1993 in Mogadishu Somalia. A chapter that could easily be called “The Original Black Hawk Down”. Based on the firsthand accounts of 1-87 INF, 2-14 INF, 3-75 RGR and 5th Special Forces soldiers. Blood on the Altar The incident we’re […]

Knights and Pawns: Al Shabaab

Some details have been excluded in this condensed preview version of the events. This chapter sets the stage for the climax in Somalia and more importantly, shows you where the war on terror actually started. These are the first Americans known to have directly faced Al Qaeda, long before most of America or the world knew […]