1st Excerpt from Behind the Gun

“Where does the love of God go when the waves turn the minutes to hours…..?” – a quote from Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” I’m not sure for how long I had before the sun would come up, but my mind went from analyzing the shock and horror of the night’s events, […]

Why is Somalia still relevant?

This is a book about war, a war you mostly know nothing about. However, we need to understand its relevance. Why did we really go there? What were we really doing? We’ll address the “humanitarian” claim, eventually, but for now I’ll just say it’s mostly nonsense. First, from an economic standpoint, Somalia has vast natural […]

Why read Behind the Gun?

My 16 man platoon in Somalia represents over 240 years of collective service to our country through the 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and countless other operations, some of which you will never hear of. Our service continues today. Aside from learning about a war you didn’t know was […]

Welcome to Behind the Gun

The “Behind the Gun”© book project is well under way. Our blogs will be few at first, but as we post content here, I expect things to pick up quickly. For a brief description, see the “about” section and then subscribe to updates or bookmark us. ~ Bravo Charles