The Kill Pill – Lariam

Veterans of the 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and other conflicts in the War on Terror, have been subjected to a dangerous and mandatory drug; Lariam. Lariam, an anti-malarial drug developed by the US Army, has nicknames such as “The Kill Pill” and “PTSD in a pill” due to its extreme psychological side effects. And it’s not just US military veterans who have been subjected to it, many of America’s allies also took the drug, though many have now stopped. Even the drug’s manufacturer has admitted the risk of taking Lariam, though only to an extent.

Even after Lariam made front page news after several soldiers committed numerous murders & suicides upon returning from wartime deployments, the US Army and the US Government continue its use to this day. During the Somali Civil War, Lariam was the suspected culprit that led to the murder of a Somali captive at the hands of a famed & elite Canadian Airborne Commando unit, a unit I worked with in Somalia during a joint mission; true military professionals in every regard. The incident led to the regiment’s disbanding in 1995.

I have personally witnessed the effects of Lariam. Chapters in “Behind the Gun” called “The  Michael Jackson Incident” and “Jesus of Barawa”.

Why would the US Military give its soldiers a drug that can induce psychosis? Well, you tell me.

Somalia was not a peacekeeping or humanitarian mission. It was a military intervention in a civil war, the goal of which was nation building for both military and economic benefit. We were just additional combatants in an already confusing mix of clans and warlords.

Lariam use and its immediate and lasting effects is just another piece to the mystery of the Somali Civil War that will be examined in “Behind the Gun”. Hopefully we can cause enough of a controversy to end its use, and put an end to innocent casualties of its effects on both sides of the gun.

Thoughts and comments, please.

~ Bravo Charles

Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016

2 thoughts on “The Kill Pill – Lariam

  1. Lariam (Mefloquine), the next “Agent Orange” remains a deliberately unresolved mystery. Some of us have theories that would be viewed as eccentric and conspiratorial. So for now, we remain silent to focus on the real issue, the unconscionable and persistent poisoning of America’s service personnel for over 25 years in spite of overwhelming evidence against the use of this neurotoxin. 2500 service personnel have come forward on the Facebook site “Veterans Against Mefloquine” to share stories of how this drug destroyed their lives.

    I would like to know which of our elected and unelected officials owned stock or received campaign donations from F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG. This issue has yet to be fully recognized by our government and will remain so until funds are appropriated to conduct the proper research. To do this we must bring forward the tens of thousands who were order to take this drug without any medical or psychiatric evaluations. There must be a massive government funded campaign to contact all service members who took this poison as well as funding the necessary research to treat them.

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  2. I truly feel this article shows the depth of the double edged sword our military wields. I wouldn’t want to say I’m ‘happy’ you’re addressing this because it would make counting the cost less important. However, it has to start somewhere, with someone. So, thankyou for starting a discussion that needs to be heard, and not placed on some @$$ holes desk, without merit or thought.

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