‘Metals’ of Honor

While the world celebrates professional athletes, I think the true professional athletes are in the military. I did, and saw other people do things in the military, that I never imagined possible for humans to do or endure. And nobody in the military has a multi-million dollar contract.

Everybody who serves gives something. Most of us are lucky. These are our more gentle reminders of service: Artificial and/or fused joints; knees, ankles, backs –  you name it. Luckily, only a few men from Behind the Gun have severe disabilities, although many have numerous that are less severe. We may be salty bastards, but none of us are by any means ‘old’ yet. Check back for updates.

wrist1                                wrist2

knee2a                             Knee1a

ankle1                                            ankle2


Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016


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