Therapy Animals ~ Good Fun

The topic and concept of “therapy animals” has really taken off in the last few years. I’ve read several great stories about soldiers with PTSD and their canine companions. Dogs are man’s best friend. I myself have two; one that’s the “Bravo Charles” of the canine world, a 150lb Rott-Lab mix, and his female companion, a pointer. Both great dogs. The Veterans’ Administration even has a program for this. I personally think it’s legit therapy.

Then I read about a woman who took a turkey on an airplane for “emotional support“. Wow, ok. I’m not a hater and I try not to be judgmental (emphasis on ‘mental’), so I can roll with that.  I suppose. Are turkeys really that emotionally stable?

Then things started getting really interesting when Earl Almighty started telling me about  ……..”therapy cats”……? Apparently a brother of ours who’s now a First Sergeant wants to carry one. In uniform. Hmmmm. So, since I grew up with LOTS of cats as well as dogs, I thought, ok, let me think about this. Here’s my two initial therapy cat suggestions:

I call him “SGT Pickles” and carry him in a jar. It’s very therapeutic.

“SGT Pickles” was my first choice as a “therapy cat”. Obviously he’s therapeutic; his big bulging blue eyes pressed against his jar. Every time I see him I laugh. Great therapy.

Then there’s LT. Dan.

What’s not to love about LT. Dan? He’s clearly a survivor who’s almost as much fun as SGT. Pickles. Maybe I’d need two therapy cats? My dogs love cats. The four of them together would be hours of therapy every single day. Imagining LT Dan trying to get away from the biggest dog while the other dog bats and rolls SGT Pickles around in his jar. Heaven.


Leave your thoughts, comments and therapy animal suggestions in the comments. Therapy donkey, therapy llama….I want to hear them all. We’ll have a contest. I don’t own the copyright on the cat images. Enjoy.

If you think about the possibilities, veterans could be setting themselves up for someone to end up more traumatized. Imagine a few Army buddies get together. One has a therapy dog, maybe a pit-bull, one has a therapy cat, another has a therapy hamster, while yet another has a therapy lowland gorilla…..and then you show up with your emotional support turkey….at 35,000 feet, on an 18 hour flight.

Rumor has it the Earl will be starting a “Kitty Korner” here on Behind the Gun.

I’m more of a honey badger type of guy.

~ Bravo Charles

Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016

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