The Broken Crown – an Excerpt

……………….The Setting: post October 3rd and 4th, 1993………………………….


Militarily speaking, the October 3rd and 4th battle was an American victory. TF 2-14, which included our own C CO, and the men of TF Ranger fought gallantly during the 17 to 18-hour firefight. It was the longest sustained firefight for America since the Vietnam war, a “record” that was maintained until the 2nd Battle of Fallujah during Operation Iraqi Freedom, though the Battle of Mogadishu was fought by only a fraction of the size force and resources present in Fallujah. In Mogadishu, we were outnumbered at least 30 to 1.

The Battle of Mogadishu is, without question, one of the greatest feats of American military history. Our tiny force inflicted a casualty rate that is far too impressive to accurately quote; as many as 1,200 Somali dead and more than 3,000 wounded, though the numbers officially quoted are far less.

The fighting continued sporadically for several weeks. The initial plan was to sweep the entire city of Mogadishu with the armor of TF 1-64, our own B CO and TF 2-22, and rid it of its warlords and weapons.

America’s crown was not broken that day. Her crown was brighter than ever, though it lay stained in blood and slightly chipped. The only cowardice was on the part of the Clinton government. Too many questions were being asked about our involvement there. Soldiers don’t choose where they fight, or for what cause. We take an oath and trust you The People, and the officials you elect, to see that our cause is just. And even though we often go to war with our right hands bound to our left feet, we triumph.

America has forgotten who holds the power in this country. Yet, after the bodies of your soldiers were paraded through the streets of Mogadishu, you suddenly found yourselves in a war you knew nothing about, and finally questioning the motivations for our being there. It was then that the Crown was broken and desecrated. After the American Government had convinced the world to join her in the streets of Somalia, and after the blood of her soldiers, as wells as the blood of many nations, ran through those streets, mixed with the blood of the people the government claimed we were there to save……we left.

Not only did we abandon the world, we desecrated the altar on which so much sacrifice was freely given by making it all for nothing. Every drop of blood spilled in Somalia was now for naught, without regard to nation. And all you knew and remembered about Somalia until now is this one battle, through the eyes of Hollywood.

Should we have been there to begin with? It doesn’t matter. You missed the opportunity to debate that. The fact of the fucking matter is, we were there. And with a fraction of the support we needed. They abandoned our mission after sending men they trained to never quit, never fail. They made all the killing and dying mean nothing, they threw it all away, right or wrong, it was just gone. Killing without a just reason is murder, and dying for no reason is nothing more than being murdered.

We didn’t abandon or fail you, America; our government abandon & failed all of us, including you The People. America didn’t just break her crown, she cast it into oblivion, its jewels still dripping with the precious blood of her sons. Your sons. Our brothers.

Republican, Democrat… doesn’t matter. We’re just patriots.


Excerpt from “The Broken Crown” in “Behind the Gun”

~Bravo Charles

Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016



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