Blood on the Alter – An Excerpt

…..Setting: 5 hour firefight for C CO. In Mogadishu, Somalia PRIOR TO Oct. 3, 1993…..names changed in excerpt……. September 25, 1993. As Carr continued to cover their flank with the M60, the fighting intensified. “RPG! RPG!” Sgt. Boult yelled as his team began suppressing a partially opened doorway in which stood an approximately 12-year-old boy with […]

Kicking Cliche’ in the teeth

I’ve actively avoided veteran functions, and you won’t find me sporting every bumper sticker and unit patch I can find on my vest. Maybe it’s the stigma of being labeled, or being grouped with the self righteous wannabe bad asses and outright frauds. ( I have some stories there !) Whatever my reasoning right and […]

Diks & Bush – Comic Relief

……………..Setting: After describing my encounter with tiny antelopes called Dik Diks , President Bush comes to Somalia, ~Dec. 31 1992 or Jan. 1 1993……………….. I have often joked over the years how remembering all the dik diks running through the bush reminded me of my first wife. If you don’t get it, you’re the only one […]

The Baptism – an Excerpt

…………Air Assault mission in a Mogadishu suburb at night, January, 1993…….names edited for excerpt…………..   I proceeded to remove the trigger mechanism from the gun and frantically tried to get the tiny spring that was between me and my removing the trigger lock. Sgt. J-Dub began maneuvering the squad, bringing a fire team online in […]

The Kill Pill – Lariam

Veterans of the 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and other conflicts in the War on Terror, have been subjected to a dangerous and mandatory drug; Lariam. Lariam, an anti-malarial drug developed by the US Army, has nicknames such as “The Kill Pill” and “PTSD in a pill” due to its extreme […]

I knew it would be bad

If there is a hell, it is here on earth, in the haunting uncelebrated darkness of every war ever fought. It seeps into the shallow graves of the innocent, shrouding the forgotten dead, silencing the hallowed cries of motherless children.

Mangold – The RTO

The platoon radio operator’s load, as well as his personality, are more than worthy of mention. We were deployed to Somalia just as the AN/PRC-77 radio was being phased out in favor of the newer SINCGARS and we deployed before receiving both the training and the newer equipment. The radioman is the key to any […]