Walker – The Kentucky Ranger

LTC Walker in Iraq. Copyright 2016 David Walker.


LTC David Scott Walker, a native of Campbellsville, Kentucky, enlisted in the U.S. Army Field Artillery (FA) in 1987. After serving a 3 year enlistment with the Campbellsville National Guard’s 1/623rd, LTC Walker received his commission from the Western Kentucky University’s ROTC program. LTC Walker graduated with a Bachelor of Science and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant to the United States Army Field Artillery Branch, May 1990.

After completing the Field Artillery Basic Course and Army Ranger School, LTC Walker was assigned to Ft Drum, NY from 1991 until 1994. While stationed at Ft Drum, LTC Walker served as a Company Fire Support Officer with 1/7 Field Artillery supporting Infantry and deploying in support of Operation Restore Hope, Somalia, Africa and relief efforts during Miami and South Florida’s recovery from Hurricane Andrew. In addition, LTC Walker served as a Battery Executive Officer for 2/7 Field Artillery before being selected to attend Army Special Forces Training.

The thing I remember most about LTC Walker is his common sense and how approachable he is. As our FSO (Fire Support Officer) in Somalia, he walked every step of the way with us on our countless missions, including: air assaults, infiltrations, ambushes, cordon and searches and raids. Just like most Artillery guys attached to infantry units in Somalia, he was a grunt, just like the rest of us. Like myself, he also played football in college prior to entering active duty.


LTC Walker was just a newly promoted 1st LT when he came to A CO in Somalia. Right away we could see he was someone we could count on when the chips were down. He, along with SPC. Farley, were present during our Baptism in a Mogadishu suburb as well as every other time we engaged the enemy.

During our fist engagement with Ali Tihad (or Al Shabaab) at around 0200 hrs the morning before our subsequent raid, LTC Walker ordered and coordinated mortar illumination rounds to light up the beach in an effort to help us pinpoint enemy positions until all rounds were expended and the 11C’s had to retrieve more. While only a slight lull in the fire resulted, the enemy took opportunity to break contact and we spent the next four hours scouring the area for them with several follow on patrols. Several hours later, after the sun rose, LTC Walker was again with us and among the first US Forces to directly face “Al Qaeda in Somalia” when we again took fire before raiding their compound.

LTC Walker attended the Special Forces Accession and Selection Course in 1994 and upon his completion of the Infantry Officers Advanced Course, attended the Special Forces Qualification Course and was subsequently assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group, Ft Bragg, North Carolina. As a Special Forces Officer, LTC Walker commanded and deployed, on multiple occasions to Central and South America, an Operational Detachment (A-Team) then was assigned to the C Company 3/7 SFG where he commanded a 2nd A-Team in the Republic of Panama (1x Deployment). After the relocation of C/3/7 to Puerto Rico in 1998, LTC Walker served as the company Executive Officer and completed his final year as the Recon and Sniper Detachment Commander (3x Deployments).

Upon promotion to Major in 2001, LTC Walker was assigned to the JFK Special Warfare Training Group with duty as the Special Forces Advisor to the Venezuelan Army, Cumana Venezuela. During this tour of duty, LTC Walker was selected to attend the Spanish Command and General Staff College (CGSC), Madrid, Spain, 2003. Upon completion of CGSC, LTC Walker returned to Fort Bragg, NC and was assigned as the 7th SFG S35 and then on to Bravo Company, 2nd Bn 7th SFG where he served as Company Commander and deployed that Company to Tolemida, Colombia in support of Counter Narcotic Operations, 2005.

Copyright 2016 LTC David Scott Walker


LTC Walker returned to the Special Forces Warfare Training Group as the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer in 2005/06. In 2007, LTC Walker deployed again with the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) in support of Counter Insurgency Operations as an advisor to the Iraqi-COIN Command, Taji, Iraq. Upon redeployment, LTC Walker was assigned to the Army’s Recruiting Command, Ft Knox KY, as the Chief of Strategic Plans, G5. In 2009, LTC Walker was reassigned to Fort Carson, Colorado where he deployed as a Stability Transition Team Chief with the 4th Infantry Division to Basrah, Iraq. After redeployment in 2010, LTC Walker was assigned as the Brigade Operations Officer for the Accessions Support Brigade, Fort Knox, KY. LTC Walker joined the Hilltopper Faculty during the Spring of FY12 as the Professor of Military Science, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Western Kentucky University until his retirement from active duty, November of 2015. LTC Walker was recently hired as the Senior Military Instructor at Barren County High School’s Junior Office Training Corp (JROTC) where he currently serves.

Among LTC Walker’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal (BSM), Meritorious Service Medal (MSM, 7 OLC), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Medal, Special Forces and Ranger Tabs, Expert Infantry Badge, Master Parachutist and HALO Badges, Pathfinder and Air Assault Badges and Venezuelan Combat Dive Course and multiple Foreign Jump Wings.

What is conspicuously missing from LTC Walker’s numerous awards and decorations is  my 1780 Austrian Silver Coin that he tried to buy from me for $20 since it was worth around $21.50. With interest, the difference would amount to nearly the cost of a beer after 23 years. My treat, sir.

LTC Walker is married to the former Yamile Rivera of Caracas, Venezuela. They are the proud parents of Daniel (12), Ana (10) and Alex (7).

Come read about Walker the Kentucky Ranger and scores of other amazing soldiers in “Behind the Gun“.

~Bravo Charles

Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016

4 thoughts on “Walker – The Kentucky Ranger

  1. Had the pleasure of serving with LTC while he worked with 4th ID. Always a man of composure, intelligence, and approachable. Thank you for sharing this, I have often wondered how LTC Walker has been since working with him on Deployment.

    SPC Ryan Clark
    A Co 1/68 AR 2nd plt, 3 Brig 4th ID

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  2. My best to you Ryan and thanks for the extremely kind remarks! I wear my 4th ID patch proudly and think of that year with fond memories. I deployed again before retiring in December 2015 and was blessed to snag a JROTC position in a local high school; another good Special Forces mission! i sip hot chocolate and coffee (another habit formed while on our deployment in Iraq) every morning before school while looking out my kitchen window at beautiful Kentucky woods and a herd of goats in the pasture….life is good! God bless.

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