The Uncoventional Warrior

jacob1Born on St. Patrick’s Day, this warrior is as Irish as they come. Jacob Stephen Slane’s name comes from the ancient and first High Kind of Ireland Slane Mac Dela. King Slane is buried on Slane Hill, near Slane Castle and Slane Abbey in Slane Ireland. It is further said that St. Patrick performed the miracle which made him a saint on Slane Hill. Jacob plans on re-claiming the title of High King of Ireland some day soon, something his father has tried to do for years with no success.


Like his father,  Jacob has aspirations to rule the galaxy. A master of the Jedi arts is just one accolade this unconventional warrior possesses. In his spare time he is Captain America, Superman, Batman, the Flash, Thor and Iron Man. At the age of 3, he caught his first fish with no assistance, a Sun Fish. A few weeks later, he matched that feat by catching a trout, contributing to the nearly 30 fish the family caught that day. The result of which was a fish fry. He’s even caught several catfish since the age of 4.


He has a certain panache that demands birthday cakes with any of his famous logos; I oblige by spending hours making fondant, coloring it, shaping it, and crafting the perfect birthday cake. Not because he says I have to, but because he’s just that awesome.


In his spare time, when not busy saving the world or conquering the Galaxy, he is an avid fisherman, artist and general awesome guy who loves every minute of life. A father could not ask for a better son; to his siblings, he is fierce in battle and quick to make peace.


When being a super hero gets old, he becomes a ghoul, ghost or goblin but still maintains his super hero ways. Among his accolades are making an entire bag of candy disappear shortly after Halloween, something his dentist wasn’t happy with, and something that eventually cost his dad $200 for when the young warrior required dental work on two teeth.


Today is Jacob’s sixth birthday and he’s already made a tremendous impact on Gotham, Metropolis and St. Louis. The future holds much for this Jedi/Super Hero/Ghoul/Soldier. While you won’t read about his many adventures in “Behind the Gun” because they are just too numerous and would probably make the rest of us look silly, you can help me celebrate his birthday here on the blog.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

~ Bravo Charles, aka Dad

Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016


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