Adventures of a Rug Ranger

image3St. Patrick’s Day brings two birthdays in my house, though one was born just after midnight on the 18th of March. A master of both the high crawl and the low crawl, this warrior puts the “I” in IMT (Individual Movement Techniques). When he hears the word R A N G E R!, he responds by growling in the fiercest of ways. The youngest of 7, Logan Slane is turning 1 today, though he is the size of a 2 year old. His brother Jacob wanted to name him Wolverine; we compromised by using the name Logan, Wolverine’s human name.

Doing Push-ups

Like most babies and privates, he gets dropped for a lot of push-ups. However, he doesn’t complain, he just pushes dirt until his elbows explode. There is no obstacle he can’t breach, something that makes it a challenge when his dad watches him. He can climb over anything. True to the Ranger mottos “Sua Sponte” and “Rangers Lead the Way”, he breaches every obstacle in the house of his own accord, and leads the way for the family pets to find things to get into.


While only 1, he has already learned how to assert being master of every beast he encounters. He lures the dogs around the house using baby treats as though they are Scooby Snacks; the dogs do his bidding. This Rug Ranger might be destined to be a military Dog Handler some day.


Born just shortly after midnight. he missed being the 2nd Slane child born on St. Patricks day by just two hours. In preparation for his birthday, he spent the birthday of his brother Jacob by mastering the art of eating cake. Like a true Ranger, he improvised and even resorted to using his toes to consume the cake, a tactic not seen since WWII.


He has already mastered wearing hats, the more the merrier, and he changes them often. He’s a fireman, a soldier, a bear, a baseball player, a pirate or whatever other hat he can find, showing he’s already earning the title “Jack of all Trades”. He’s also a really, really good eater. He’s off the charts for both height and weight; a true giant among men.


While I was genuinely surprised when I became a father for the 7th time at the age of 44, it appears I saved the best for last. This kid is going to change the world, there is no doubt; because he’s already changed mine. Like his brother Jacob, his adventures are far too numerous and far exceeding those of the rest of us in the book “Behind the Gun”, but we’re going to give him honorable mention here on the blog in recognition for his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Logan!

~Bravo Charles, aka Dad

Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016

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