Behind the Gun Book Launch


In Behind the Gun, a top rated memoir available on Amazon, you’ll hear the truth about our involvement in Somalia from day 1 to October 3rd and 4th, The Battle of Mogadishu, commonly referred to as “Black Hawk Down”. You’ll get a firsthand account in a way you never knew you wanted it, from Behind the Gun, through the eyes of the soldier.

This story follows the 87th Infantry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division across southern Somalia as they encounter warlords, Al Shabaab, and Al Qaeda, fighting an escalating war akin to our involvement in Vietnam. These incidents were largely hidden from the public, and they are the key to answering the main question America never had answered: Why.

From Behind the Gun, you’ll meet the men that rescued Delta Force Commandoes and Rangers during the Battle of Mogadishu. You’ll meet the heroes who spilled their blood on the altar of freedom to recover the remains of our fallen as they braved unparalleled enemy fire in the deadliest city in the world; Mogadishu.

This is the story that America deserved, but never got. It’s been said that one single chapter in this book is better than entire books written on the battle, including the most famous of them all, Black Hawk Down, by Mark Bowden.

On this 26th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, you can support America’s Warfighters by purchasing Behind the Gun: Poncho’s Last Walk. Proceeds directly benefit Infidel Inc and other veteran nonprofit organizations, all while getting the real story of America’s involvement in Somalia. Academic books on the topic are ok, but…..Nothing beats the view from Behind the Gun.

Behind the Gun: Poncho’s Last Walk is now available on Amazon and in Kindle. Every purchase to support veteran charities.

Copyright© 2019 by Steve Slane / Bravo Charles and Behind The Gun



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