A book based memoirs in the final phases of being written, Behind the Gun© is a collective as well as a firsthand account of war, all through the eyes of a young college football player who left college at the outbreak of the 1st Gulf War and became a light infantryman. Through the eyes of the M-60 Machine Gunner, you’ll join number 92 and the 92 men of A CO, along with B CO, C CO & other warriors through each phase of operations in Somalia, from “Behind the Gun” for a raw and unpolished account of war. A war you know next to nothing about. My last mission is to share my experiences with the world that it may learn.

If you ever wondered where the War on Terrorism really began, and what specifically led to the events in the climax of America’s involvement in Somalia, and what American troops were actually doing there, you’ll want to read this book. We were the first to face the extremist movement in its infancy.

From Behind the Gun, you will see all; nothing escapes the vigilant eyes of the machine gunner.

Learn about US combat missions with Belgian, French, Italian, Australian, New Zealand, Pakistani, Moroccan & Canadian forces all over Somalia in cities including Mogadishu, Kismayo, Barawa, Beledweyne, Afgooye, Baidoa and many others.

His friends call him “B.C.” for “Big Country”. However, rather than using the military phonetic pronunciation of “Bravo Charlie”, he is called “Bravo Charles” because he has panache, as declared by his friend and 1st platoon RTO, Mangold.


~Bravo Charles

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Copyright© Bravo Charles & Behind the Gun 2016

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the GREAT effort to finally capture in print the stories from these life changing experiences.
    This piece of the puzzle has been misrepresented for too long.
    The “big-picture” is bigger than one expects.

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      1. Thanks for working on this the story will finally be told. If it still needs pictures I have a platoon picture in front of “The Rock” drawing on the wall

        Doc “Cheetah” Estes

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  2. Hi, my name is Ashley Mangold and Steve was my father. I was wondering if perhaps you could tell me more about my father. Please feel free to contact me at ashleymangold@*.* It would mean a lot to me.

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  3. Mangold children.
    Hold your heads up and know that your Dad was the friend, soldier, and fun loving heart that carried many through tough times.
    I am proud to be able to help give you a glimpse of the Steve Mangold we knew.
    -Earl (Nicknamed by him BTW)

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  4. This is going to be an awesome book & I am excited to read it. I always Thought Jesus Merca was something that was made up but after reading the excerpts I know it was all true. Climb To Glory!

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    1. To the Top Brother!!! I also certainly remember a few of you of course there are always a couple of real standouts. Doc “Cheetah” Estes thanks for that shot next time warm the fucker up first. PS. how did you like the Bulls-eye on Maj. Stanton’s Ass LOL. Wheels if you didn’t know Wheels then you weren’t in Somalia. You Bravo after learning your real name i do remember you well. And lastly Since I was one of two RTO’s for LTC. SIkes me being an 11B RTO for the Brigade Channel & the other being a 25C for the Battalion side i didn’t get to speak with Mangold much however i will never forget him).

      Climb To Glory Brothers!!!

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