Hughes – The LRRP

LRRP is an outdated (Vietnam era) term for members of LRS units. “Cabbie” spent several years in such a unit after Somalia, post 9-11; most notably in Iraq. Cabbie (good story behind that nickname) and Brawny had gotten to the unit just a couple of months before my cohort and had already been “broken in” by the […]

Hellfire Christmas – An Excerpt

………..Setting: Baledogle to Mogadishu, Somalia by Humvee, December 1992, shortly before Christmas…………………. After a few days of patrols around Wanlaweyn (Wally-world) and Baledogle, it was time to go into Mogadishu, something we would do quite regularly as convoy escorts for VIP’s like Robert Oakley, the former US Ambassador to Somalia. As we started out in our Humvees and […]

Excerpt – Blood Trails

………………..Setting: Southern Port City in Somalia, February 26-29, 1993. The same day Islamic extremists bombed the Word Trade Center,  insurgent militiamen,  later linked to Al Qaeda, from the SNA and SNF infiltrate the city where they engage Belgian and American forces…… The next morning at around 0800 hours (8 AM), A CO was targeted with several […]

Blood on the Alter – An Excerpt

…..Setting: 5 hour firefight for C CO. In Mogadishu, Somalia PRIOR TO Oct. 3, 1993…..names changed in excerpt……. September 25, 1993. As Carr continued to cover their flank with the M60, the fighting intensified. “RPG! RPG!” Sgt. Boult yelled as his team began suppressing a partially opened doorway in which stood an approximately 12-year-old boy with […]

Mangold – The RTO

The platoon radio operator’s load, as well as his personality, are more than worthy of mention. We were deployed to Somalia just as the AN/PRC-77 radio was being phased out in favor of the newer SINCGARS and we deployed before receiving both the training and the newer equipment. The radioman is the key to any […]

Why is Somalia still relevant?

This is a book about war, a war you mostly know nothing about. However, we need to understand its relevance. Why did we really go there? What were we really doing? We’ll address the “humanitarian” claim, eventually, but for now I’ll just say it’s mostly nonsense. First, from an economic standpoint, Somalia has vast natural […]

Why read Behind the Gun?

My 16 man platoon in Somalia represents over 240 years of collective service to our country through the 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and countless other operations, some of which you will never hear of. Our service continues today. Aside from learning about a war you didn’t know was […]