Other Works

Here is a list of other works that have tried to tell the story of Somalia outside of “Black Hawk Down” (which is the only story politicians want you to know).

LTC (RET) Gregory L. Alderete published Memoirs from the Basement of Hell, a raw collection of stories from Somalia, including his own story as part of the 43rd CSG. An officer with a lifetime of distinguished service, he started writing his memoirs and collecting stories from other soldiers soon after returning from Somalia. The stories range from raw valor and combat, to funny and heartbreaking. Some of the incidents cited are in my book as well, in different detail. LTC Alderete has also previewed “Behind the Gun” and provided excellent feedback.

Losing Mogadishu –  a book written by Chief Warrant Officer Mark E. Harden, another fellow veteran of the Somali Civil War. “Losing Mogadishu describes a journey of loss and triumph, anger and grief, remorse and redemption. Visit with Charlie, a Vietnam veteran haunted by a song. Mourn the falling of a nineteen-year-old soldier from Texas. Sit beneath the canopy of a trumpet-vine arbor as wind chimes sing and storms build. Witness a long-suppressed memory brought to life by the shadow of a chimney”. The book is available on Kindle and paperback.

David Haines authored “Time Well Wasted“, a memoir about his platoon of Military Police in Somalia, among the first troops in the country. Co-authored by Anthony Ciccone, the book comes from the perspective of over 30 years of combined military service. Yet another missing piece to the events and experiences in Somalia and a great read.

Soon, you will have “Behind the Gun“, by yours truly, containing my memoir and accounts of an old and distinguished Infantry Regiment which had elements in Somalia during every phase of America’s presence in Somalia, including during the famed “Battle of Mogadishu”, as well as combat actions that you’ve never heard about (but will hear of soon).